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The inflation systems on the avatar is PC ONLY due to the quest version of VRChat not allowing constraints, which are essential for this avatar to work.

The QUEST VERSION of the avatar has LESS FEATURES than the pc version due to quest limitations. Read "QUEST VERSION DIFFERENCES" below for further information.

The camera change effect does not work with full body tracking, as the feature VRChat implemented to change the camera was intended for non full body animations. Users are advised to use playspace movers or disable full body tracking. Outside of the inflation stuff, everything else works fine.


A demo version for the avatar is available at this VRChat world! For both the PC and Quest versions


Unity 2019.4.31f1


Poiyomi Toon

This avatar was made with Poiyomi Toon version 8.0.426

Avatar Features! (Also shown in video above ^)

  • 16 Different Facial expressions! (+3 goofy ones)

  • Immersive, seamless, and In-depth avatar inflation system. With many options, controls, and interactive events to make it fun!

  • Interactive Avatar Dynamics between other Rytus!
    (with extra desktop activation buttons for those without vr)

  • Sound Effects for interactives and events!
  • Buri you can eat yourself, or feed to your friend to start the process...
  • Drum you can hit to make yourself or other Rytus grow
  • Automatic Camera height change with avatar growth (DOES NOT work for full body, fbt users will have to manually use playspace movers)
  • Automatic Limb Immobilizing for larger sizes!
  • Physbones for hair, ears, tail, and fun wobbly bits!

  • In-Avatar Color Sliders to personalize the color of the Rytu

  • 12 Face Modification Shape Keys
  • Super Goofy Toggles to morph and distort yourself

Additional Assets!

  • Substance Painter files setup for ease of recoloring! (Textures were made in Substance Painter 2020)
  • .psd files for those without substance, set up in all the different layers and perfect symmetry for mirroring!
  • Included Documentation Guide

Quest Version Differences

In order for compatibility with the quest version, many features had to be taken out. The avatar can inflate to stage 1, and stage 2 has been replaced with the heavy version of stage 1.

All the faces are present!

The drum and buri still work, and can be used with other Rytus

Here's what couldn't make it

full body inflation system
In avatar color sliders

custom buri color slider

goofy body morphs

all sounds

drum growth glow effect

buri color change from head to toe (whole body color changes at once)

and other additional shader and material effects

Terms of Use


  • DO modify the avatar however you please!
  • DO import into any other platform!
  • DO take commissions in modifying or retexturing the model, so long as BOTH PARTIES have purchased the Rytu


  • DON'T redistribute the model to any other individual
  • DON'T use any part of the Rytu commercially
  • DON'T remove the credits inside the model
  • DON'T upload as a public avatar
  • DON'T use the avatar for harmful or hateful purposes


ShuffleStuf (DAS MEEEE) - Concept, Model, Textures, Rigging, Avatar Setup

Spootz - provided the drum sample

BoyoNylo - ate an apple for the "monch" sound

Testers/Video Subjects






I want this!

Includes the Rytu Unity Package, substance, and .psd files.


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Rytu - VRChat Avatar

66 ratings
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